Unique French cuisine ‘Ne Quittez pas’


Fresh seafood from Misaki, Kanagawa and vegetables, soil...
Unique French cuisine in a relaxing atmosphere.

A Summer resort in southern France is what Chef Toshio Tanabe imagined.
At Ne Quittez pas, you can sense the atmosphere of a nature-surrounded auberge in southern France. You will also enjoy the "power of life", which seafood and vegetables are natural ingredients.
"Providing a comfortable time for everyone."
That is the spirit of Ne Quittez Pas(Please don't leave).


Toshio Tanabe
1949 Born in Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Joined Gymnastics club in middle school, attended Nippon Sport Science University
In his junior year, he was selected as an Olympic hopeful.
1971 After graduation, he became a professional boxer and was a ranked bantam weight fighter. Soon retired from boxing because of health concerns.
1976 Entered the restaurant business selling Oden (Japanese hotchpotch) from a food wagon.
1979 At French restaurat Bistro De La Cite in Nishi-azabu, Tokyo, he started to learn French cuisine.
1980 Went to France for training at Michelin three-stared French restaurants: Esperance, Vivaroa, La Male and etc.
1983 Returned to Japan. Began working at Bistro Nanban in Ginza, Tokyo
1987 Became a chef at Le Japon in Roppongi, Tokyo
1988 Opened his own restaurant named ‘Atagoal’ in Ebisu, Tokyo
1994 Moved location to Gotanda, Tokyo and changed restaurant name to Ne Quittez pas
Chef knows all about what he cooks. Which is the essence of Ne Quittez pas French

Day starts at Ne Quittez pas with ingredients in chef’s hand from the morning.
Fresh Seafoods send to the chef from the fisherman for which he has known for 10 years.
His natural sense and experience tells him how he should decide the menu.
Ingredients that are so natural and nourishing that you'll say, "Delicious!" without even thinking.
The chef is particular about the pure taste of ingredients.



Course of 6 dishes (6,500 yen), chef's recommended course of 8 dishes (10,000 yen)


Course of 6 dishes (6,500 yen), chef's recommended course of 8 dishes(10,000 yen)


watermelon champagne 1,500 yen , glass of wine 1,000 yen etc.

Soup of charcoal grilled clams best eaten at one time.
Nicoise-styled seashore fish soup.
Popular watermelon shortcake that is a hit with female customers.


With liberating light, time flows slowly. Welcome to a comfort space as if you were at a resort

Ne Quittez pas is a house restaurant located in Shimazuyama, Gotanda, Tokyo.
A created relaxing space using a building that was a German ambassador’s residence.
White walls and soft light through the glass insert.
Please enjoy your meal in a relaxed, resort-like atmosphere.

Main hall
Main hall
8 tables / up to 32 guests
Private room
Private room
up to 10 guests
up to 10 guests



JR: From Gotanda Station: Tokyu Ikegami Line, Toei Asakusa Line, 8 min walk.

Ne Quittez pas
Address:141-0022, Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 3-15-19
Phone: +81-3-3442-2382
Hours:Lunch / 12:00 to 15:00 (last order 13:00)
Tuesday to Saturday / 18:00 to 23:00 Sunday 18:00 to 22:00 (last order at 20:00 Sunday 19:00)