A message for first-time customers:

At Ne Quittez pas, we do not serve any red meats. Instead, we put our focus on fresh vegetables and seafood.

Our course options:

We provide a choice of three courses.
| Lunch
・Signature course: 7,150 yen
・Chef’s choice course: 11,000 yen
・Chef’s choice soil course: 22,000 yen
| Dinner
・Chef’s choice course: 11,000 yen
・Chef’s omakase course: 16,500 yen
・Chef’s choice soil course: 22,000 yen

※The price for our course menus include tax. However, we will add a 5% service tax to the bill for the final payment.

All courses include our signature dishes, roasted clams and fish soup (soupe de poisson). We provide a selection of two to three desserts consisting of our watermelon shortcake, soil and truffle crème brulee, as well as a seasonal creation. However, depending on our supply, we may not be able to serve a particular specialty dish. We ask for your understanding.


We accept reservations through phone calls as well as through our website. Please call for reservations regarding groups larger than 5 people, or requests to be seated in the terrace. There is no extra charge for private room reservations. We also accept reservations for 1 person.

※Please reserve at least five days ahead of time for the chef’s omakase soil course.
※(Cancellation Policy)
Please make cancellations at least two days before your reservation. If a cancellation is made with in two days of your reservation, we will have to ask for the full course price to be paid.

We kindly ask:

In hopes that all of our customers enjoy their time at Ne Quittez pas, we ask our customers to partici pate in our efforts.

・Please inform us about any allergies before arrival. If we are notified of allergies on arrival, we may not be able to make necessary changes to the menu.
・Dress code: Although we do not have a strict dress code, please refrain from wearing shorts, sports wear (including jerseys), open toe sandals, or tank tops.
・Although we do not allow videography, please feel free to take snapshots of the dishes.
・Please do not use electronics such as computers and tablets at your table.
・We do not allow customers to bring their own alcohol.
・Children are permitted if they are above the age of 10.